Yoga Studios in London


I thought it might be helpful to post a couple of notes on yoga studios I go to, in case anyone is trying to decide which one to try. They are mostly located in Central and East London, since that’s closer to where I live and work. I’ll start with the ones I’ve been to plenty of times, but also touch on a couple others I’ve only visited rarely.

All of these are available on Classpass, but some are cheaper to buy from directly. Most of them also have a good intro offer if you want to properly try it out and explore. Those range from £30-55 for two weeks to a month of unlimited classes. That should be enough time to make up your mind about how you feel about the studio, and try a variety of teachers and styles. I’ll include the price per single class below as a simple benchmark, but keep in mind that’s usually the least efficient way to pay for classes.

This post isn’t about the quality of individual teachers or classes, but about the studios more generally.


Triyoga is one of the biggest yoga studios in London. They have 5 locations at the time of writing: Camden, Soho, Shoreditch, Chelsea and Ealing, each with several rooms. I’ve mostly been to the first two, and Shoreditch once or twice. A drop-in class will cost you £17. They also have a loyalty system where you get a free class for every 12 you take. They offer a pretty wide range of classes, including hot yoga, but I usually go there for ashtanga (either led, full primary, or Mysore).

Mats are good enough that I don’t bother bringing my own. The hot yoga ones are cleaned after one use. The changing rooms and showers can be a bit cramped, but not too bad. Classes can get quite busy, especially after work or at lunchtime, so you might not get a spot if you don’t book in advance.


Yotopia is a smaller studio in Covent Garden. In bulk it’s a bit more affordable, although the price for a drop-in is the same as above, £17. It offers both hot and regular yoga. They have some classes you don’t find often elsewhere, for example Dharma yoga or Quantum yoga (although personally I haven’t tried either of those).

I really don’t like their mats, the grip and texture aren’t right for me, plus they sometimes smell. I always bring my own. The changing rooms and showers are usually okay.


Moreyoga has many locations. I’ve been to Old St, Camden, and Caledonian Road. They are relatively cheap too (£10 for a single class currently), so the combination of location and price is probably ideal for some people. They have a loyalty system too, but I’ve had a couple of issues using it and redeeming classes.

They offer different classes in different locations, and no hot yoga as far as I know. I liked that they had some with specific themes, for example a backbend-focused class.

One of the areas they save money on is not having a reception. But this also means there is nowhere to wait if you’re early for the class. Room quality also varies by location. For example, in the Old St one, the ceilings are so low I couldn’t extend my arms fully in sun salutations. They usually have a very small number of changing rooms and bathrooms.


Blok is a general gym, not just a yoga studio. One consequence of that is that sometimes you can hear noise from other rooms. For instance if there is a boxing class happening next door, it can be a bit distracting. But at a guess, about a third of the classes they do are yoga related. They offer several different vinyasa-based styled of yoga (including rocket) and yin, but no hot yoga or more traditional practices such as ashtanga or Iyengar.

I’ve only been to the Shoreditch location, where a single class will cost you £17 as well. The gym has a nice ambience overall. The changing rooms and showers are large compared to most of the other options mentioned. Mats are decent. The busyness of classes varies by time of day, but most of the ones I’ve been to were okay.


I’ve tried quite a few other studios in this area, usually through Classpass. I’ve only been to a couple of these once, so take this with a grain of salt. These are my rough first impressions in alphabetical order.

AM Power Yoga and Pilates – this one was okay, just not particularly memorable. £13 for a drop-in.

Another Space (Covent Garden location) – this gym also offers spin and HIIT classes, but similarly to Blok about of a third of the offering is yoga. You reserve your mat in advance when booking the class. I found it a bit pricy (£22 for a single session), and while the experience was okay I wasn’t impressed enough to go back much.

Clerkenwellbeing – the main thing I remember about this one is how hard it was to find the actual studio (several flights up and across a bridge to the neighbouring building…). £16 for a drop-in in person.

Chroma Yoga – The concept of this studio is adding a sensory experience to yoga using light, sound and smell. In practice this means that the room is lit with a specific color (for example pink for restorative), they play sounds (not popular music), and there might be an oil diffuser. They offer some innovative classes, for instance Jiriki or other types of restorative practice. I’ve been to this one a couple of times, but overall I have mixed feelings. The studio is not very big, and all the classes I’ve been to have been very packed, which doesn’t make for the best experience. On several occasions the light was also flickering, ruining the effect. £13-17 for a drop-in depending on the length of the class.

Fierce Grace (Old St location) – this is a hot yoga studio, and unfortunately you can tell by the smell as soon as you walk in. The basement location doesn’t help. The room was quite big but still packed. It was hard to always hear and see the teacher. No desire to go back to that one at all. £13-17 for a drop-in depending on the length of the class.

Fly LDN – the gimmick of this studio is that it has a huge screen on the front, which shows pretty nature images while you do yoga. It’s an interesting concept (somehow I find it a mix of distracting and relaxing), but I didn’t feel the need to go back. The class felt more beginner-level than I expected. I also wasn’t a fan of  mat assignment – it operates on a ticket system where you get a mat space assigned to you, so you don’t get to choose your position. £20 for a drop-in.

TripYoga (not to be confused with Triyoga above) – I like their combo classes (for example rocket + yin in 90 minutes). I liked the studio space, but not the configuration (changing room location is a bit awkward). I would go back to this one, but location is not so convenient for me. £15-17 for a drop-in depending on the length of the class, but really cheap on ClassPass, as low as 3 credits for a class.

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