7 London Studios to Try on ClassPass, and 7 Not to

This is a selection of a couple studios that I think are worth going to on ClassPass, as opposed to just going to them directly, as they can be a lot cheaper. For all of them, if you go often enough, you might be still better off buying from the studio directly. But if you don’t want to be tied down to a particular place, or just want to try them out, consider ClassPass.

Of course this list is based on things I’ve visited regularly, which mostly include yoga, aerials and calisthenics. I’ve tried other things like HIIT, indoor cycling etc, but it’s just not for me anymore. Given the specific nature of my interests, all the suggestions may not be relevant to you, but hopefully you can find one or two that pique your interest.

Cheaper on ClassPass

In no particular order, grouped more by what disciplines they offer:

  1. London Dance Academy (aerials, pole): classes typically cost 4-8 credits on ClassPass, but usually £15-20 from the studio.
  2. TripYoga, not Triyoga (yoga): classes often start at 3 credits (and would be £15 -£15 direct) and were quite good, also with some nice combinations that appeal to me such as Rocket + Yin.
  3. CaliFlow (calisthenics, yoga): usually 9 credits on ClassPass, but on the pricy side direct – ~£20 per class depending on the pack you get. Check MindBody for prices as they’re hard to find on their actual website. I would recommend the intro offer (5 classes for £50) though.
  4. Stretch (calisthenics, yoga): often 3-5 credits for what would be ~£15 direct (depending on class duration).
  5. Metabolic (calisthenics, strength training): also usually 6-9 credits instead of close to £20 per class. Consider doing their 7-day trial for £10 first though – I haven’t buy maybe should have…
  6. Foundry (strength training): 5-7 credits vs up to £20. I went to the Strongman classes for a bit when preparing for Spartan, as they involve lifting, sleds, atlas stones, tyres, etc.
  7. Six3Nine (strength training): often 6-10 credits for Circuit Club, which would otherwise cost about £20. The people running it are super nice, remember your name, and put a lot of emphasis on good form.

Other places that almost made the list, but I don’t go to often enough anymore are Grow (strength training), YogaRise (used to be Yotopia in Covent Garden) and Chroma Yoga. They all have similar price ratios to studios in the list above, but most of them also have worthwhile introductory offers to check out first.

(Sometimes) More Expensive on ClassPass

On the other hand, here’s a few studios that aren’t always worth it on ClassPass, so I often buy from them directly instead:

  • Triyoga, not TripYoga (yoga): off-peak classes are fine at ~8 credits, but peak ones often start at 13, which is usually not worth it for me given I can buy cheaper class packs at the studio (10 for £135, plus with a loyalty card you get each 13th class free).
  • MoreYoga (yoga): they have a lot of locations and price varies on ClassPass from 4-10 credits. But directly from them you can get classes for as cheap as £6.5, which is hard to beat. Their pricing and perk scheme can be a bit complicated, but it’s one of the more affordable options in London.
  • Blok (calisthenics, yoga, strength training…) – this one varies quite a bit. Some classes can have very limited spaces, and the price can jump up and down from 5 credits to 10 (and at some point, I was seeing them in the teens a lot). I keep an eye on it and mix ClassPass with classes from a pack directly from them (I think I got the 50 for £500 for the whole year, which makes it 10 per class).

There are several places with are really close. For example, Ecole de Pole (aerials, pole): classes cost £7-13 credits on ClassPass. Here it probably depends on what tier you’re on for ClassPass, since you can get the 75-minute classes from them directly for ~15. It’s not a big saving for those, but if you go frequently enough, prices on ClassPass will go up.

Unavailable on ClassPass

And finally, some studios that are not on ClassPass, but I wish they were:

  • Flying Fantastic (aerials) – at least their main Union St location, which has the most classes.
  • Move Hackney (calisthenics) – went to a class here once with MoveGB, and it was a really good experience. The location and pricing wasn’t ideal, so I haven’t been back separately.
  • National Centre for Circus Arts (aerials) – you can only buy longer courses with them, not drop-ins, so I haven’t tried it yet.
  • Lift (calisthenics) – speculative as I haven’t been yet, but it looks great. I’ll try the taster class for £15, but otherwise the pricing is above my budget.

A couple others almost made the list too. For instance, Barry’s Bootcamp (strength training). But to be honest, I just want to try this to see what all the hype is about. I doubt I would actually love it (similar for SoulCycle). Another different case is Skylab (aerials), which only has occasional taster sessions on ClassPass, and most of their other programming is listed but unavailable. It was decent when I tried it once (with MoveGB actually), but LDA is much more convenient for me currently.

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