2020 Goals

I’ve been doing some form of New Year’s Resolutions or goal setting for many years, but the form has changed quite a lot with time. I like to review how they went each year too. Initially a lot of the goals were repeats since like most people I forgot about them, and in retrospect they weren’t right in the first place. But over the years I’ve gotten better at setting goals I actually care about in an achieavable manner, although there is still room to improve.

Of course I have other goals, but as this is a fitness blog we’ll focus on those. At the end of the year, I’ll post a review of how it went, but bits and pieces are likely to be updated in the middle. Internally I also like to do quarterly or seasonal check-ins to see how the goals are going, and if they’re still the right goals to target.

Review of Last Year’s Goals (2019)

I didn’t publish these here at the time, but I think it’s still worth a mention.

My main goal was: “I’d like to be able to say that I’m as fit as I’ve ever been“. Technically end of October (around the competition) was probably my very fittest point, but I’m not too far below that at the moment (lost a bit during a long holiday), so broadly I consider this goal achieved.

I also wanted to do better at Spartan, time-wise and passing more obstacles. I achieved that with a better pace per mile (although total time was technically slower), and only failing 3 obstacles instead of 5 the year before.

In terms of skills, I thought I should be able to achieve the following: solid/”easy” freestanding headstand (I had done it before but it wasn’t stable), freestanding tripod headstand, chin up, and single leg hocks. I reached all of those, although the single leg hocks was only for a second or two, rather than enough to do much with it.

I had a number of stretch goals that I wanted to work on, but didn’t think I was likely to finish. The one I did achieve from this list was a pull up (in fact I shot past it with a max of 5). I had made progress towards a pancake split, but didn’t get all the way to chest to floor (and I didn’t take good before and after pictures to compare). I also definitely made progress towards L-sit but didn’t quite understand just how hard it would be. I made little progress towards handstand next to a wall, which isn’t too surprising, given the lack of focus on it. I also had a goal of “fairly clean jump-through, better jump back” in vinyasas here, but with that unclear definition, it’s hard to say whether I passed or failed.

There were also some unexpected (or at least unplanned/untargeted) achievements. I participated in a calisthenics competition. I made it over a set of monkey bars for the first time. I learned how to do other skills such as bodyweight dips and a tuck shoulderstand.

Goals for 2020

My main goal is still that at the end of the year, I’d like to be able to say that I’m as fit as I’ve ever been. This goal allows for some flexibility; e.g. a lot of the skill goals may currently be calisthenics related, but if during the year I fall in love with a completely new discipline, it can still work.

In a broader sense, there’s a couple of tentative goals:

  • get better at working out by myself more (e.g. one proper session a week out of class?)
  • if we move, explore studios and options in the new city
  • if possible, sign up to participate in another competition or showcase
  • doing better at Spartan, or a different OCR (skill-wise this means handling advanced monkey bars)

In terms of skills, I think I should be able to achieve the following goals, if I actively work on it:

  • holding L-sit for at least 5s (currently: 0 straight, ~5s single leg)
  • holding shoulderstand for at least 5s (currently: 0, but tuck feels easy)
  • 8 pull ups (or chin ups) in a row (currently: 3, but I had 5 a couple months ago) (stretch 10)
  • active (almost) flat front split (standing or inverted) (currently: probably about 5-10cm away)
  • visible progress on middle split (currently >30cm from the floor)
  • visible progress towards drop back to the floor (currently about 60cm from the floor)
  • visible progress towards pistol squat (maybe at least right angle in bent leg)
  • hoop: front balance, hands off
  • hoop: single leg hocks circles (currently: 1-2s)

And lastly, these are the stretch goals I’d like to see happen:

  • toes to bar with straight legs
  • muscle up (of any kind)
  • pincha and/or handstand
  • crow – headstand transition
  • shoulderstand – L-sit transition
  • single arm hang for 10s and single arm scapula pulls (the main barrier towards working on this is paranoia about re-injuring my right shoulder)
  • some new arm balances – single leg crow maybe?
  • weakly defined, but progress on side body: some kind of flag/meathook perhaps


  1. […] I’m so late in posting this that I wondered if I even should. I did keep track of the state of most things, but June and July were a bit intense for me (work situation change), so I completely forgot about the actual public post. So I’ll write this as if it was actually end of June (when really, it’s mid-August). The 3-month check-in post is over here, and the original goal setting one over here. […]


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