2020 Goals: 3-Month Check-in

It’s been 3 months since I wrote about 2020 goals, and I like to check in fairly regularly to check if I’m on track. On my own I’d typically do this at least once a month, but I figured a little bit of public accountability wouldn’t hurt.

Main goals

  • get better at working out by myself more (e.g. one proper session a week out of class?)

I was making slow, slight progress on this up to mid-March. Then, due to a sudden unexpected change in circumstances (Covid – which is affecting pretty much everyone), I’ve had to get good at this very quickly. I’ve actually been doing much better for the past couple of weeks than I thought I would. I do some exercise every day, and I’ve been sore in new places a lot, since I train legs much more now. Let’s hope it continues well until life normalizes… I think I’ll still go back to classes then, but perhaps less frequently.

  • if we move, explore studios and options in the new city

Well, moving is currently on hold. I did some Googling to explore options before, but we’ll see what still applies after.

  • if possible, sign up to participate in another competition or showcase

A good opportunity for this hasn’t come up yet, and it’ll be at least a few months before it could.

  • doing better at Spartan, or a different OCR (skill-wise this means handling advanced monkey bars)

Haven’t signed up for one yet as we were (are) planning to move. I haven’t trained advanced monkey bars in a little while.

A big part of the review is not just measuring progress, but also reviewing whether the goals actually still make sense. In light of the current situation, most of the goals in the above section (apart from the first one) are “on pause” until the world normalises again. I’ll review this again in three months time.


  • holding L-sit for at least 5s (currently: 0 straight, ~5s single leg)

Still can’t hold full L-sit, but can do 10-15s with single leg extended.

  • holding shoulderstand for at least 5s (currently: 0, but tuck feels easy)

I’m getting better at extensions, but can’t hold quite yet. Well, I only have very low parallettes at home, so I can hold it if my face is actually on the floor – not quite the same though…

  • 8 pull ups (or chin ups) in a row (currently: 3, but I had 5 a couple months ago) (stretch 10)

I’ve been stuck on 3 for ages, and now I’d say I could do 4 on a good day. It’s hard to train proper pull ups right now (I’ve been making do with variations on rings and slightly wonky ones on a tree in the park), so I’d be surprised if this went much higher during the quarantine. I’d really like not to go down again though…

  • active (almost) flat front split (standing or inverted) (currently: probably about 5-10cm away)

Frankly I’m not sure how I actually measure this last time; but I think it hasn’t changed much.

  • visible progress on middle split (currently >30cm from the floor)

Closer to 25cm of the floor now.

  • visible progress towards drop back to the floor (currently about 60cm from the floor)

My current best is around 45cm from the floor.

  • visible progress towards pistol squat (maybe at least right angle in bent leg)

I can do some off the bench now, which is around a right angle, if not a bit lower.

  • hoop: front balance, hands off

I can do hands off, but not in front yet.

  • hoop: single leg hocks circles (currently: 1-2s)

Haven’t done enough hoop this year to see improvement, and unfortunately it’ll be a while before I get to do it again…

Stretch goals

  • toes to bar with straight legs

Making progress – my hanging knee raises are a lot more controlled now, I’m learning to use my back for the tilt, and with a tiniest bit of momentum I can get up with bent legs. Still a lot of room for growth.

  • muscle up (of any kind)

I’ve made good progress on ring holds (top and bottom of the dip), assisted and negative dips. I can just about do 3 ring pull ups. I’ve started training false grip holds more, but it doesn’t feel strong yet.

  • pincha and/or handstand

I’ve gone to quite a few handstand sessions, and made some progress since the start of the year. Chest to the wall handstand is now pretty good (I could maybe move in a little bit closer still), and I can kick up with assistance (from either a prop, or with a person). I’ve also done some assisted straddle press handstands.

  • crow – headstand transition

Slowly making progress on this, but there’s still a lot of pillows involved.

  • shoulderstand – L-sit transition

This is still a very ambitious goal, since I haven’t got either of the individual components down…

  • single arm hang for 10s and single arm scapula pulls (the main barrier towards working on this is paranoia about re-injuring my right shoulder)

Can do a couple scapula pulls (little ones),

  • some new arm balances – single leg crow maybe?

I’m working on single leg crow, but it feels quite far away.

  • weakly defined, but progress on side body: some kind of flag/meathook perhaps

I’ve added more side planks to my routine, but need to define some intermediate goals more. No way of training actual flag or meathook in the current situaiton…

So overall, making progress on most of the goals, apart from moving-related ones (I haven’t completely fulfilled any yet, but I wasn’t expecting to in the first quarter). I wonder how much that’ll change in the next couple of months, now that I’m training by myself. On the bright side, it means I spend more time on skills I care about, but on the other hand, I often don’t push myself as hard as I might with other people around. Plus access to various bits of handy equipment will be restricted for a while.


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