2020 Goals – 9 Month Check-in

More on time, this time. Since the last check-in was a bit late, this one isn’t that much different than before (apart from a couple items being marked off as done). (October edit: I’ve also just now realized that I should have done this at the end of September instead of in the middle, if I wanted it to be 9 months. Not really sure what happened there…

I do feel like a lot of these goals were rendered a bit less relevant/possible with the pandemic. I guess this is a good example of why I typically set other goals on a more short-term basis (quarterly, let’s say). I’ll put all those in italics for clarity. I do have a tendency to stick with a plan once it’s been laid out, to a fault. However, right now is not the best time & place for me to re-plan these goals, and it’s interesting as an exercise. But expect something different next time around.

Original post

Previous check ins: 3-month, 6-month

Main goals

  • get better at working out by myself more (e.g. one proper session a week out of class?)

I consider this done – it was definitely more of a focus during the previous quarter, but I’m still doing some now that I am back at the gym.

  • if we move, explore studios and options in the new city

Done! Tried a few and found a couple I like a lot.

  • if possible, sign up to participate in another competition or showcase

(Same as before) This still seems pretty unlikely given the current situation, but I’ll leave it up here in case that changes.

  • doing better at Spartan, or a different OCR (skill-wise this means handling advanced monkey bars)

(Same as before) A lot of OCRs have also been cancelled, or could be in the future, so I likely won’t do one this year. I haven’t had access to any monkey bars for over 3 months now, so I doubt that’s improved…

Same as before, but still relevant: A big part of the review is not just measuring progress, but also reviewing whether the goals actually still make sense. As mentioned, in light of the current situation, most of the goals in the above section (apart from the first one) are “on pause” until the world normalises again. I’ll review this again in three months time.


  • holding L-sit for at least 5s (starting off: ~0 straight, ~5s each side)

(Same as before) I held it a couple of times for almost five seconds, but it’s not consistent.

  • holding shoulderstand for at least 5s (starting off: 0, but tuck feels easy)

(Same as before) The parallettes I have at home are very low, so it’s hard to train proper shoulderstand. I often end up practicing something close to cheststand. I can hold that for a little while, it’s not really the same.

  • 8 pull ups (or chin ups) in a row (starting off: 3, but I had 5 a couple months ago) (stretch 10)

I’m back to being able to do a couple pull/chin ups after losing some strength in that area during lockdown. Will see how far I can get by the end of the year.

  • active (almost) flat front split (standing or inverted) (starting off: probably about 5-10cm away)

Similar as before, although in general it feels much closer on the left leg.

  • visible progress on middle split (starting off >30cm from the floor)

Still about 30cm from the floor, but not feeling the injury anymore.

  • visible progress towards drop back to the floor (starting off about 60cm from the floor)

Current best is about 40cm from the floor.

  • visible progress towards pistol squat (maybe at least right angle in bent leg)

I can do a negative + short hold on each side, but can’t come up. I can come up from a roughly right angle.

  • hoop: front balance, hands off
  • hoop: single leg hocks circles (currently: 1-2s)

No chance to practice hoop and test these two out, sadly. I’ve gone to a few silks sessions though, and while what we did felt unrelated to these, it still felt much better than the last time I tried it.

Stretch goals

  • toes to bar with straight legs

I’m training this more again now, but I’m not sure if I’m even back to pre-lockdown.

  • muscle up (of any kind)

I’m back to training pull ups and dips now, but I doubt this one will materialize.

  • pincha and/or handstand

Getting a bit more comfortable with kicking, although I still very much need a wall there. Pincha is same as last time – I can walk up and hold with a wall structure around me.

  • crow – headstand transition

Did this one succesfully both ways for the first time a week or two ago!

  • shoulderstand – L-sit transition

(Same as before) See separate goals – haven’t made much progress in joining these together, although I have at least been practicing jump backs a bit more again.

  • single arm hang for 10s and single arm scapula pulls (the main barrier towards working on this is paranoia about re-injuring my right shoulder)

Can do a couple scapula pulls (little ones) and hold briefly, but I haven’t properly tested this in a while.

  • some new arm balances – single leg crow maybe?

(Same as before) I’m still working on single leg crow slowly. In general I have been practicing more arm balancing, but I’m not sure if I’ve got any really new ones; the ones that are still out of reach either require intense flexibility (e.g. leg behind head) or strength (e.g. single leg crow).

  • weakly defined, but progress on side body: some kind of flag/meathook perhaps

Continuing with side planks, but haven’t gotten a chance to really test out either of those.

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