My Progress

Last updated in October 2020.

This page tracks new skills I learned in various disciplines I am interested in. I use this system to remind me that progress is happening even when it doesn’t feel like it. It’s also interesting to see when lulls happen and then theorize why.

I haven’t seen anyone track their progress in quite the same way, but if you, please let me know – I’d be very curious to see how it goes for other people.

I’m also posting this here in the hope that it might be encouraging to someone who feels like they aren’t getting anywhere. It takes time, especially if you also have a full time job and other commitments. I sometimes felt like giving up even a few months in when I first started regularly practicing yoga, since I still couldn’t do a “proper” vinyasa. Of course yoga is about more than just getting fitter, but in the beginning, I cared about that a lot. There will always be periods when you feel like you’re not getting anywhere, but they are temporary.

The format is simple:

<date, or in one case, time since I started practicing>: <first time I managed to do something>

The dates are in ascending order. I usually started tracking quickly after beginning training. To read about the training schedule I roughly followed during different parts of my journey, click here.

My Starting Point

I started really exercising consistently with yoga in September 2015, just after I turned 24. I was somewhat active before, but it was very on and off, depending on my motivation that week. I would either go to the gym, run, or occasionally take a yoga class at the gym.

Overall I was very weak, and not too flexible. I couldn’t do a vinyasa without putting my knees down. I couldn’t do any arm balances (not even handstands or anything similar as a child). I was nowhere near a pull up, chin up, dip, push up etc. I was pretty far from splits, and I couldn’t get into lotus. I had tried pole at university but couldn’t climb or invert at all. I tried climbing and bouldering a couple of times and could climb the easiest walls.

My greatest athletic achievements up to that point were:

  • I had run a 5k a couple of times, occasionally even a bit more
  • I was flexible enough to touch my toes
  • I could do tripod headstand next to a wall (I’m mentioning this here show just how useless that is when you look at other numbers below)
  • My shoulders and back were relatively flexible, since I had zero muscle in upper body. I could just about do a full wheel backbend with poor form. I could do halasana fairly easily from the start.

Progress by activity type

Yoga (2015 – 2020)

Aerials (2017 – 2020, low key)

Pole (2017 – 2018)

Calisthenics (2018 – 2020)