My Progress: Aerials

19/01/2017: First aerial class (silks) – wasn’t as bad as expected.

13/02/2017: Successful French climb (2nd silks class total).

21/03/2017: Succesful Russian climb (3rd silks class total).

28/04/2017: Got up into hoop in straddle (feet touching the hoop for help). Also first time coming down from hoop in pike (not very gracefully; 2nd hoop class total).

08/05/2017: Got up into hoop in ‘pike’ (feet touching the hoop for help).

28/05/2017: Got into a hip lock in the air.  

3 month pause – 20 day unlimited yoga, started pole, holidays, did some aerial yoga occasionally.  

13/09/2017: It’s been a while since I’ve done hoop, but still able to get up in pike with feet. Amazon went better than I remember.

04/12/2017: Inverted on silks on my own – into pike, upside down, trying hocks but didn’t quite get there.

02/01/2018: Inverted into straddle on silks on my own from the floor a bunch of times, and in the air with assistance.

24/01/2018: First time trying static trapeze.

14/05/2018: Inverted on silks without hooking feet on top (one wrap, still jumping).

16/05/2018: Succeeded in leaping stag (+ coming down backwards) and rolling gazelle on trapeze.

11/06/2018: First time jump-shuffling into front balance on trapeze.

14/06/2018: Similar as above, but on silks, with even more shuffling.  

A couple months pause due to a shoulder issue. Restarted gently and slowly, mostly hoop. I haven’t been as diligent in tracking in the past couple of months, so may have missed a couple.  

Early 2019: Don’t need to use feet to help with straddle inverts anymore, and less and less jumping.

Early May 2019: Maybe a second in single leg hocks.

14/05/2019: First time doing pullover into front balance without using feet. Also first time lowering from the top bar onto sit on bottom bar through tuck (rather than rolling too far and dropping off the hoop).