My Progress: Calisthenics

10/11/2018: First took a calisthenics class.

End of 2018: Started training more regularly (i.e. more than once a week or two), usually using purple / 4th thinnest band (35-85 lbs resistance) for pull ups.

12/02/2019: Managed a couple pull ups on the black / 3rd thinnest band (25-65 lbs resistance) for pull ups .

02/04/2019: First time using red / 2nd thinnest* band (15 – 35 lbs resistance) for pull ups (managed 2 in a couple of my sets)

28/05/2019: First proper chin up

07/06/2019: First proper pull up

I think I probably did my first bodyweight dip around this time, but I didn’t track it well, so not sure.

Mid/late July: 2 pull ups.

August: tuck (bent knees) shoulderstand on parallettes.

Late August: 3 pull ups (and then not again for a while).

27 September: 4 pull ups

October: can extend both legs into shoulderstand on parallettes, but can’t hold yet.

22 Oct: 5 pull ups (at some point I’ll stop counting in this much detail, but not yet…)

27 Oct: First competition, Callos – 5 pull ups, ~10 dips, attempt at shoulderstand & L-sit

14 Feb 2020: First time doing straddle press handstand with plenty of assistance.

Jan/Feb 2020: Wall facing handstand (walking up).

Feb/Mar 2020: Kicking off a support into handstand next to wall.

April 2020: Can do a couple diamond push ups, elevated wide grip push ups, etc.

Late April 2020: Actually felt like I did several seconds in L-sit.

02 May 2020: First time doing a proper cossack squat on both sides. Also touched heels in sissy squat.

04 May 2020: Kicking up into handstand next to the wall on my own (but head on the wall).

22 Sep 2020: Rolling out of headstand, crow, and handstand with assistance. Crow ↔ handstand transition both ways.

13 Oct 2020: Negative straddle out of handstand next to wall.

* At the time I thought red was thinnest, but I’ve since occasionally seen and used an even thinner orange band. I find it more useful for dips.