My Progress: Pole

13/07/2017: Went for the first time in many years. Couldn’t really climb or invert on my own, but enjoyed doing various spins.

15/08/2017: Was able to climb halfway up the pole (2-3 climbs?) on the “left” side (left shin pushing into pole when you go up). Still struggling a bit on the right.

30/08/2017: Was able to forearm climb at least 1-2 climbs on each side.

07/09/2017: Climbed and touched the ceiling! Basic climb all the way on my strong side, half on the weak side; forearm all the way alternating or right hand up; and tried side climb, managed to hold on but not really go up.

19/09/2017: First time coming up on my own (I think) into invert straddle (not gracefully, hooking the foot first).

03/01/2018: First time finding a routine easy to follow and remember – not sure if it was simpler, or if my coordination/memory/technique is improving.  

Put a pause on pole around April 2018 due to a shoulder issue. Planning to go back once I feel better about my upper body strength.