My Progress: Yoga


In this section I extracted the more important bits from the full list that follows below.

Year 1

Started in mid-September 2015.

2.5 months: full wheel push ups

3 months: Big Toe Pose (Utthita Hasta Padangusthaasana)

3.5 months: one chatturanga (/no knees in a vinyasa)

5 months: no knees in a vinyasa for the whole class

6.5 months: full lotus (for the first time, although not comfortable; and it was hurting my knees a bit, so had to backtrack after)

7 months: navasana (with straight legs)

7.5 months: moved all hands and feet in full wheel

8.5 months: crow pose for >10s over a mattress and also ~5s on the floor (then soon lost it again for months) 9 months: raised leg for a few seconds in side plank on both sides

10 months: touched floor (with help) with hands in prasarita padottanasana C

12 months: chakrasana into child pose  

Year 2

15 months: jump through progress: slid through with socks

15.5 months: chakrasana into downward dog

16.5 months: crow pose in class for 10s

18 months: side crow

22 months: standing up from Urdvha Dhanurasana with assistance

22.5 months: drop back with assistance

23.5 months: jumping back from crow  

Year 3

This is a bit empty. Because of intense work travel and shoulder issue? Or maybe also less deliberate practice or just writing it down?

27 months: free-standing headstand at home (then lost it for the next 8 months; and then again for another 8?)

27.5 months: eka pada koudinyasana 1 & 2, eka pada galavasana (far from perfect form)

28.5 months: binding in marichyasana D with assistance  

Year 4

38.5 months: side crow on one elbow

39.5 months: first time full hanumasanasa (on the easy side, harder side 2 months later)

40 months: binding in marichyasana D on my own (on the easy side)

41 months: lotus in shoulderstand etc  

Year 5

52 months: leg raised in full wheel

53 months: press tripod headstand

55 months: elbow bridge

57 months: bound & free hand headstand B

Year 6

60 months: crow <-> tripod headstand transition

And in way more detail… (feel free to skip this section)

14/09/2015: Started at Triyoga.

23/11/2015: Half bound lotus standing forward bend (Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana) on my left side for the first time holding toes and bending down (still can barely touch right foot). Also managed marichyasana B on my left side and even for a few seconds on my right.

25/11/2015: Got into full wheel at least 4 times for a few seconds/breaths each.

27/11/2015: Held dancer pose and fore-arm plank for the whole time (60 + 30, 60s respectively) in hot yoga. Form is another matter.

28/11/2015: Did 3 full-wheel push ups.

07/12/2015: Held both feet high up (and sideways) during Big Toe Pose (Utthita Hasta Padangusthaasana).

02/01/2016: Started (sort of) jumping back from cross-legged into plank pose.

04/01/2016: No knees in a vinyasa! 24/01/2016: Touched floor with head in wide leg forward bend (very wide – maybe a foot or two less than the mat).

25/01/2016: Side plank on both sides (left shoulder/back seems to hurt now though…)

11/02/2016: No knees in vinyasas during ashtanga (might have had this once or twice earlier but not sure).

07/03/2016: Very briefly (<1s) lifted each foot in full wheel.

02/04/2016: Got into full lotus. Also held crow for like 2-3 seconds.

04/04/2016: First time doing revolved downward facing dog (also with leg up). I think I’ve only tried it once or twice before and failed.

06/04/2016: Managed to move my leg up to my shin in side plank.

16/04/2016: Did navasana with legs straight every time (although perhaps not all the time).

05/05/2016: Moved all feet and hands (and not just the tiniest bit) in full wheel.

01/06/2016: Did crow for at least 6 breaths (short-ish to be fair) above a mattress.

22/06/2016: Raised leg for a few seconds in side plank on both sides.

08/07/2016: Touched the floor with assistance with my hands in prasarita padottanasana C.

22/07/2016: Realized I could do another arm balance (firefly prep – basically with bent legs, feet stacked).  

Started practicing ashtanga separately more regularly around this time.

07/09/2016: Chakrasana with assistance.

14/09/2016: Handstand prep in class (feet high on wall for a while).

18/09/2016: Chakrasana on my own (the easiest version possible, coming back with knees bent on the floor).

03/10/2016: Realized I can do a very basic version of the eight-angle pose arm balance (legs bent but lifted, arms fairly straight).

12/10/2016: Found out I can do a very basic/quick version of another arm balance (marichyasana based, not sure what name is, but one leg is bent and tucked into the  back of the shoulder, and the other is straight).

07/11/2016: Managed to hold a decent headstand prep for at least 10s or so (initially against a wall but also without).

08/11/2016: Just noting that for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling less and less sore. E.g. the day after practice I am barely sore.

24/11/2016: Managed to just about touch head to feet in baddha konasana briefly (after a lot of stretching).

06/12/2016: Silly, but I think it’s the first time I managed to gently place my foot on the floor from downward dog -> tiger curl -> low lunge (before, it was always more of a swing).

07/12/2016: Tripod headstand prep with no wall in class, and touching head to floor in Prasarita separately.

08/12/2016: Realized I’ve been doing worse at crow because I’ve been trying to do it right (arms only half bent, not shelves). At home next to the mattress, I was able to do my old crow (eventually) and new crow for a few seconds (toes only a bit off the floor, not high up) many times.

14/12/2016: Slid through (lift -> chaturanga) with socks for the first time.

29/12/2016: First time did the pigeon with elbow lock. And first time doing elbow stand prep against wall.

04/01/2017: No knees in chakrasana!

24/01/2017: I can do headstand prep, no wall nearby, at home. Just not yet in class…

04/02/2017: Crow in class for 10s.

12/03/2017: Side crow at home (above a mattress and later without, hips on elbow, 10s, both sides).

17/03/2017: Baby crow at home (10s).

29/03/2017: Touched my chest with my hand in (one-armed) full wheel (10s).

17/05/2017: Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana (Half Bound Lotus Standing Forward Bend) on the right side in class (hand on floor).

14/06/2017: Came up (with assistance) from Urdvha Dhanurasana.

01/07/2017: Drop back with assistance.

11/07/2017: Firelog on both sides (bent down) – I had vaguely got one side before recently.

24/08/2017: Jumping back in crow far enough to not need to adjust for chatturanga. Also, first time actually holding the marichyasana based arm balance (one leg straight, one leaning on shoulder) for at least 1-2s on each side, not just lifting.

17/09/2017: First time being able to raise foot and get started towards Compass arm balance (lifting the foot, just need to extend it)

05/12/2017: Full headstand in the middle of the room at home and holding for ~5-10s (form could be improved…)

14/12/2017: More or less did koudinyasana from lizard (eka pada koudinyasana 2?) and flying pigeon (eka pada galavasana) at home.

17/12/2017: Extended leg side crow (eka pada koudinyasana 1?) on both sides in class.

16/01/2018: Drop back & came up alone using wall bars.

22/01/2018: Full Marichyasana D with adjustment (one side, left leg in lotus). Also first time rolling around in full lotus (not quite garbha pindasana).  

There’s a pretty big gap here. I think I forgot to track for a bit, but I was also dealing with a shoulder issue and work stuff that stalled my progress.  

13/08/2018: Headstand in the middle of the room and staying for a bit at home. (Did I really achieve this months ago and lost it? Was it tripod headstand? Confusing.)

28/10/2018: First time lifting off in the bit in Rocket where you come down from wide leg forward bend to the floor.

29/11/2018: Side crow with hip in the air. First time doing 5s lolasana on blocks (after noticing I could do it for 1-2 s in class recently).

01/12/2018: Held both toes behind the back in full lotus (on my own, and folding forward for a decent amount of time).

02/12/2018: Marichyasana D on both sides (with adjustment but maybe could have done on my own?). Also first Mysore practice!

29/12/2018: Full hanumanasana on the easy side (left in front).

Mid/01/2019: Did the bind in marichyasana D on my own on the easy side (left leg in lotus).

Mid/02/2019: Lotus in shoulder stand (+ coming down into fish).

Late/02/2019: Approximations of kapotasana on my own, or at all (hands not quite in the right place, can’t always come up).

14/03/2019: First time taking leg through from elephant’s trunk pose (koundi-ish) to plank (grazing on the floor, and much better on right side; it’s so much easier on blocks).

… ? (definitely did less as I was focusing on calisthenics, but may have forgotten some…)

08/01/2020: First time raising leg to straight in full wheel (left, right still a bit bent. Also first time trying in absolute ages).

07/02/2020: First time coming up and down into tripod headstand in pike, and straddle (inc. away from wall). First time doing handstand up with front to the wall really close (1 hand away), looking back and feet tucked (before, I’d keep my feet untucked),

13/04/2020: First time elbow bridge.

16/05/2020: First time doing tuck niralamba sirsasana and getting into pincha mayuarasana against a wall (lift off for a second or two, but not really holding).

June 2020: First time doing supported headstand B and free hand headstand B (near a wall?).

22/09/2020: First time doing crow to tripod headstand transition in both directions.

28/10/2020: First time doing supported headstand C next to wall.