Aerial Hoop – Cradle

Cradle has two main variations, one with single leg on the hoop and one with both.

It’s often used as a transition pose, for example from Amazon, Mermaid, into hocks, etc. It’s also a fairly relaxing and comfortable pose with very little effort.

To try the single leg variation from seated, move one leg behind the hoop. Slide down so that the bar is in the knee of the other. Then hook your opposite shoulder in front of the hoop and slide down until you are resting there comfortably. See below for a demo:

The double leg version is similar, but both knees are hooked on the bar. You can get there for example from Amazon by lifting both your legs over (which takes quite a bit of core strength). Another way is from hocks on the top, where you move both knees to one side of the carabiner, then slide down the side of the hoop into cradle.