Aerial Hoop – Man in the Moon

Man in the moon is a pretty easy pose and is likely to appear in your first hoop lesson. It’s sometimes also called profile sit.

Sit sideways on the hoop. If you’re feeling unstable, you can hold on to the hoop with your hands during this process. Lean back so that the bar is pressing into your shoulder and side of your neck. Put one foot against the hoop on the opposite side. Then raise the other leg and put it either against the hoop higher up or vertically. Exactly where they go might depend on the size of the hoop and the length of your legs. You should be pressing your feet and your shoulder hard enough against the hoop to be able to release your arms.


  • slightly different positions of feet (also pointed vs. flexed) or hands
  • laying down man in the moon, with your feet against the top bar. You can also try the opposite, standing up man in the moon, although that is harder to get into elegantly

A more advanced variation is upside down man in the moon. To do this, you first position yourself in normal man in the moon. Then hold on to the top of the hoop with one hand and the bottom with the other. Press your back into the hoop and rotate against it 180 degrees, until you are upside down. It is shown as the first trick in this video: